Brick edged asphalt pathway

These are some of the frequently asked questions we get about the best options when considering asphalt.

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Asphalt Driveway or Bitumen Driveway?

Bitumen is a liquid product mixed with several other products, such as stone, grit and sand particles, to give you a hard finished surface which is asphalt.

Whilst many people refer to asphalt driveways as the same as a bitumen driveway – bitumen is just a product that is combined with other products to help make the driveway.


Asphalt Driveway versus Concrete Driveway

Asphalt is Safer

Asphalt is a non slippery surface whereas concrete can be very slippery, especially when wet.

Asphalt is cheaper to lay

Save money – Asphalt is almost half the cost compared to concrete.

Asphalt is cheap to maintain

Asphalt repair costs are minimal but repairing concrete can be a major expense.

Asphalt is a porous surface

Asphalt is a porous product whereas concrete is not. This allows for better drainage and is less susceptible to cracking.

The porous nature of asphalt also allows the natural ingress of water into the soil. Trees that rely on water under the asphalt driveway are less likely to be put under stress, compared to a concrete driveway.

Asphalt does not need to be sealed

Asphalt is a finished product once layed whereas concrete needs to be sealed or stenciled depending on application.

How much does an asphalt driveway cost?

The cost of laying a asphalt varies significantly from site to site.

Factors such as steepness, length, width, working area, delivery time frame, options such as brick edging and the volume preparation work such as excavating, all affect the total price.

Unfortunately, there is no simple formula that can be applied by the home owner. Accurately calculating the price of your driveway comes from years of experience and understanding.
Interpreting the final outcome the customer is looking for, and then delivering a quality asphalt driveways takes decades of practice, something Topcat Driveways has.

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